Efdaluddin KilicEfdaluddin Kilic has a great number of art pieces in different collections in Turkey as well as abroad. He is active in his own atelier in Istanbul as Calligrapher and Art Advisor, and works on the development of the preparation of calligraphy materials such as ink, paper, some natural coloring and dyeing material.

Started Islamic Calligraphy with Hüsrev Subaşı and studied Rik’a script with Muhiddin Serin.
Graduated from the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Marmara.
Earned an MA degree from University of Marmara, The Institute of Social Sciences, Traditional Turkish Arts Department. Dissertation on “Manuscripts attributed to Ya’qut al Musta’simî in the Libraries and Museums of Istanbul”
After having completed the traditional education had his calligraphy diploma (icazetname) from famous master Hasan Çelebi.
Had a mention prize in Thuluth script in the International Calligraphy Competition in the name of Ibn’ul Bawwab organized by IRCICA.
Prepared a Qufic collection to be applied on tiles by IZNIK Foundation in Istanbul.
Prepared a 64m. long Thuluth script composition for an Historical Mosque (Üç Şerefeli Cami) in Edirne.
Was invited to England for a series of seminars and instruction and teaching calligraphy by Warehouse Artists Studio and Ottoman Nakishane and also invited to supervise the program “Sefer-Sefir, Visiting Ambassadors” and acted as the advisor for the Art of Calligraphy of this event.
During his stay for two months gave courses, lectures and had demonstrations on Traditional Turkish and Islamic Arts at:
* Hornsey Library, 18th September, London;
* Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts, 5th September;
* Victoria and Albert Museum (two sessions), 4th and 11th September, London;
* Calligraphy Courses in Ottoman Nakishane, Norwich, (August – September)
Completed the restoration process of 20 pieces of famous Egyptian master Seyyid Ibrahim at his workshop in Istanbul.
Made compositions for the covers of some of the Arabic books published by IRCICA and Al-Furqan Foundation for Islamic Heritage, London.
Was invited to Germany by Internationaler Ruhr Akademikerbund and The University of Dortmund to the conference on “Turkish Culture, Art and Architecture in the XVIth Century” for the memory of Great Ottoman Architect Sinan. Gave a lecture on Ottoman Calligraphy Art and made an exhibition of his own calligraphic works (28th October).
Calligraphy Exhibitions and Demonstrations during Turkish cuisine and culture weeks in L’Imperial Palace Hotel in Annecy-France.(March-April)
Calligraphy Exhibitions and Demonstrations, Turco Festivals, Washington DC, USA (September)
Calligraphy and Illumination Exhibition with illuminator Ms. Gulnihal Kupeli at Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University, North Carolina, USA (January-February)

Calligraphy course at Spiritual Tree in Bradford, England (4th July - 28th August)


Calligraphy courses and workshops in Bradford, Glasgow and Liverpool, England (July-August)

2006-2007Participated in "Speaking Art: An Exhibition of Calligraphy" in Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford, England. (23 September 2006 – 21 January 2007)
Supervising a calligraphy course and Ottoman Language class in Cafer Aga Medresesi in Sultanahmed, Istanbul.