Calligraphy tools

The calligraphy art has its very simple tools. Reed pens, traditional black soot ink and the paper. It can only be learned from a master calligrapher. The weekly lessons start with a line of prayer “Oh My Lord! Make this easy, never make it hard. My Lord! Let this end with the goodness.” To be able to understand the beauty in the letters the apprentice may spend at least five years with the master and can not sign his works or attempt to teach someone else before the master permits to do so. This is why not only the manuscripts were valued by the sultans in the past, but the calligraphers themselves were kept as part of their treasury too. Today the same techniques, same tools and same recipes are still preferred by the calligraphers not just because they were part of a tradition but because they have those undeniable characteristic values in terms of creating the beauty in the letters.